VIP Charter

The Aviation Company organizes your private jet charter flights with special consideration to your safety and confidentiality. We know that each client has different priorities. All of our clients are dealt with on a discreet basis with non-disclosure. Our ability to access all types of luxury aircraft at short notice enables us to service clients who are occupationally unique – entertainers, athletes, celebrities, heads of state – those who are on tight schedules and travel in style.

Your VIP charter is sometimes part of a carefully planned schedule, maximising publicity with red carpet arrival and departure. For others VIP charters, speed and convenience might be the focus, avoiding public areas at airports and planning routes to reduce transfer times. For some trips, absolute secrecy and security is the goal, with nighttime departures from regional airports enabling safe private journeys.

Our VIP charters typically include the following services:

  • VIP lounge on arrival and departure
  • VIP catering with personal catering preferences
  • VIP security services
  • Luxury limousine services upon arrival
  • Customized food and beverage selection
  • VIP concierge services.
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